Thursday, June 19, 2008


SleepSign for Animal is the latest product in the Metris portfolio. Metris distributes this product in Europe (west and east) on behalf of Kissei Comtech Japan. It enables further expansion of automated animal behavior research. SleepSign for Animal is a software package that can distinguish several sleep stages (e.g. rapid eye movement (REM), non rapid eye movement (NREM) and wake) in freely moving animals using EEG and EMG data obtained by telemetry. It offers the ability for both in-depth analysis of sleep stages and easy automated sleep stage detection. It drastically reduces the time and labour spent on sleep stage scoring and enables you to generate standard types of reports with only a few keystrokes.
Examples of application area: Neurology, Pharmacology Research, Sleep studies.


SONOTRACK is an advanced non-invasive measurement system to monitor ultrasonic sounds produced by animals. By using a dedicated microphone and hardware the system is able to pick up ultrasonic vocalizations (USV) of animals generated at frequencies between 15 kHz and 100 kHz.
The system not only records and converts the ultrasounds in a for humans audible signal but also provides several graphical presentations of the recorded sounds and an user adjustable Ultrasound Call counter. This counter determines the number of calls in user definable frequency bands, the start time and duration of each call as well as the mean frequency of each call. Examples of application area: Ethology, CNS and Pharmacology, Bio Acoustics, Pain, Animal welfare studies.


LABORAS is an innovative measurement system that recognizes several behaviours of small rodents (mice and rats) fully automatically. The system is currently the only system in the market which is able to determine a large number of different behaviours without traditional human observation. The following behavioural elements can be distinguished: climbing, drinking, eating, grooming, immobility, locomotion and rearing. In addition the system determines the following tracking parameters: position, speed, maximum speed, traveled distance and position distribution. At the end of 2006, LABORAS release 2 was launched with an improved user interface and faster processing capability.